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"The Secret Supper" is available in abridge (2 CD set) and unabridge (6 CD set) Audiobook versions. Published by Simon&Schuster Audio, the book is read by Simon Jones. You can hear a clip by clicking in the icon below and to obtain more information about this product by clicking here.

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y new novel, THE LADY IN BLUE, has been just published in English --for USA, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom. This is an ecclesiastical whodunit infused with an intriguing real-life historical enigma: the mysterious Lady in Blue who magically appeared to Native Americans in the early 17th century. Let me introduce you to this plot, so different from my previous novel The Secret Supper. Once again, this thriller is based on historical facts.

Javier Sierra
Author Javier Sierra in Agreda, Spain

   It all started when the first Spanish Conquistadores were sent to what is now the southwestern United States, to investigate the strange apparitions of a lady dressed in blue. At the beginning, they believed she was the Virgin of Guadalupe—but the truth, it turns out, was far more surprising. I spent more than seven years researching for this book. Seven years in which I experienced many incredible coincidences that brought me to certain discoveries that I have disguished in this work of fiction.

   In modern-day Europe and America, my novel begins with this ancient Spanish mystery awakening the interest of a journalist, a retired psychic spy burned out from her job with the U.S. Defense Department, and several priests. True-to-life, the Vatican and the U.S. Defense Department are involved in researching the possibility of utilizing synchronized music to induce time travel. They believe that uncovering the secret behind The Lady in Blue’s ability to be in two places at the same time will get them closer to their goal, so when one of the priests suddenly dies and a rare manuscript containing the nun’s secrets is stolen, a race against time begins. With science on one hand, and faith on the other, conflicts abound, and it becomes imperative that the lost document is recovered—before it falls into the wrong hands.

   A powerful archetype, the Lady in Blue announced the arrival of a new era, politically and historically, to the Indians and possessed wonders that continue to overwhelm the Vatican and the U.S. Defense Department. And now, suddenly, it seems she wants to emerge from the mists of time once again.
   I am convinced you will enjoy this reading!

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  The other supper
If you enjoyed The Da Vinci Code, you should read The Secret Supper by Javier Sierra. Described by the author as an "investigative novel," Sierra places his book in the late 1400s Milan where Leonardo Da Vinci is painting his Last Supper fresco in the refectory at the monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie. The story is told by Father Agostino, an Inquisitor from Rome. He is an expert on cryptography and works in the Renaissance equivalent of the CIA for the Catholic Church. The church has been receiving encrypted messages about Da Vinci's heresy in his painting, "The Last Supper." Father Agostino journeys to Milan in an effort to decode the messages and view the painting.   [Read more...]

Javier Sierra: Spain’s Greatest Export Since Rioja
On the periphery regarding the world of Renaissance art, Jesus and Mary Magdalene offspring, heretics and plaintiffs, and a certain celebrity author recently cleared, there lays a genuine, thrill-seeking detective of the occult who’s enjoying this media spectacle and reaping its benefits. He’s a relative newcomer to the global publishing scene, who at the ripe age of 34, has already published seven books in Spain on historical enigmas—from Napoleon’s famous night spent within Egypt’s Great Pyramid to the secrets behind the highly-advanced civilizations of the Golden Age.   [Read more...]

Chew on this
MORE than a decade ago, a British nun with an overbite and a girlish voice became a TV sensation. Sister Wendy Beckett made paintings accessible to a mass audience the way that Leonard Bernstein made classical music interesting for children. Her approach was simple. "People who go to the museum are not asked, luky them, to hold forth about these works," she told an interviewer. "My struggle has been to let them know there is something there to respond to and for them to respond to."   [Read more...]

Javier Sierra reveals Leonardo's 'trick'
In an interview to Corriere Canadese/-Tandem, Sierra claimed that this work of the Italian genius born in Vinci in 1452 is nothing but "a trick played on the Dominicans of the Holy Inquisition of Milan." The young author, born in Teruel in 1971, wrote his novel drawing inspiration from the techniques used by Umberto Eco in his Name of the Rose (1980), which has been called a sort of labyrinthine historical/mystery novel.   [Read more...]

The Da Vinci Clones
What should we call a large group of conspiracy theorists? A British reviewer wryly suggests "a connivance." There are certainly enough writers in pursuit of Mary Magdalene's supposed French descendants to make up a large connivance. Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code has sold more than 40 million hardcover copies in 44 languages, and conspiracy mavens will be hard-put to imagine it is coincidence that two related novels are appearing in the same season that finally sees the paperback publication of The Da Vinci Code and the premiere of a movie version. So the billion-dollar question here is whether or not these two candidates for the brotherhood of connivers will challenge Brown, who sits securely on a mile-high stack of bestsellers.   [Read more...]

Crime Books
The first thing to be said about The Secret Supper is that it covers some of the same territory as The Da Vinci Code. The second thing to say is that it is a far, far better book. It is better written, has more engaging characters and a better plot, and the information is more exotic.   [Read more...]

The Last Supper, decoded
Completed in 1497, Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper is one of the most famous pictures in the history of Western art. The tableau of Christ and his 12 disciples has been endlesslessly reproduced in books and prints and postcards, as well as on tea towels, souvenir mugs, and T-shirts. But if you thought you knew anything about Leonardo's masterwork, think again.   [Read more...]


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