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"The Secret Supper" is available in abridge (2 CD set) and unabridge (6 CD set) Audiobook versions. Published by Simon&Schuster Audio, the book is read by Simon Jones. You can hear a clip by clicking in the icon below and to obtain more information about this product by clicking here.

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Javier Sierra Sunday, May 21 @ 17:12:53 CEST
MORE than a decade ago, a British nun with an overbite and a girlish voice became a TV sensation. Sister Wendy Beckett made paintings accessible to a mass audience the way that Leonard Bernstein made classical music interesting for children. Her approach was simple. "People who go to the museum are not asked, luky them, to hold forth about these works," she told an interviewer. "My struggle has been to let them know there is something there to respond to and for them to respond to.",0,5523583.story?coll=cl-bookreview


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